Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Time Suck

Ok so I guess I haven't been paying much attention, but apparently Sims 3 comes out next week.

I played Sims 1 & 2...I would say I spent a fair amount of time on them, but I think the part I liked most about the game was creating characters and decorating homes. I usually would scrap a family to make a new one before too long.

So that's why I'm thinking I might buy the new one because there are supposedly limitless possibilities for customization. So I can waste even more time choosing the colors of my couch cushions and socks.

Just not sure if I have the time to waste on another game when I have just become an officer in my kinship in LOTRO (nerd alert!).

Wow, I better soak up this lazy-ass lifestyle while I have the chance this summer. Because it's job-searching time for me this fall when I return to the U.S, assuming there are any jobs left, of course.

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