Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Health Care

Health care is another one of those things that I give a damn about.

I can't believe that seemingly intelligent people fall for this crap about socialized health care being bad. I'd like to send these people to any Western country besides ours, and show them just how 'horrible' it is. In fact, I think it would do a lot of Americans some good to actually leave the country and see that other cultures and ideas exist besides their own, and that they are not the center of the universe.

It's so terrible not having to worry that if I get sick or something bad happens to me, I wont be able to afford it! And this nonsense about having to wait forever? The waiting times in Germany to get health care are barely discernible from those in the U.S.

I have to think there is something just fundamentally cruel about people who want to deny health care to people who can't afford it. This whole mentality in the U.S. of 'sink or swim' and looking out for yourself while not giving a damn about others is so disgusting to me.

When I turned eighteen I was no longer eligible for my parents' health insurance and all throughout college, until I came to Germany, I was uninsured.

Any time I got sick, on top of not feeling well, I would be completely stressed out about not being able to afford it in addition to my school expenses.

This morning I received 'scary socialized medicine' in Germany. The typical German doctors' total disregard for modesty aside, I was quite pleased with the visit and to learn that I will receive a service here for 31€ that would probably cost 10x as much in the U.S.

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