Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Others

This news story is slightly old, but I was really horrified when I read it.

I got to thinking, would this soldier have commited such a crime when he was at home? Would he have raped and killed an American girl and her family and would fellow soldiers have helped him?

Maybe so.

But I get the feeling that both the war and religious differences are making it easier for soldiers to dehumanize these people.

They don't see them as fellow human beings, but as enemies & sinners who are beneath them.

I think that's one of the terrible things that both religion and war do to people.

On a much lighter note, I finallz got mz laptop back from being repaired (please don't ask me how much it cost, atleast it was cheaper than a new one), but have now become accustomed to using a German kezboard during the last week, and am now having trouble with switching mz Ys and Zs. Hmmph.

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