Thursday, May 21, 2009

Logic as a Flaw

Why is it that on tv shows or in movies when a character is logical and rational,this is usually seen as a flaw, something to overcome? They are usually depicted as cold and unfeeling, and the irrational people who live by their gut are the ones who teach them how to 'feel'.

A few examples come to mind: Temperance Brennan from tv show Bones, Dr. House from House M.D. and Spock from Star Trek.

With ideas like that constantly being shoved down our throats by popular entertainment, it's no wonder our country elected (and re-elected) a president that made decisions based on his gut feelings, and it's no surprise we seem to have a population of people who embrace irrational ideas in favor of using their brains.

Can you think of any instances in popular entertainment where logic and rational thinking were seen as virtues in a character? I mean, besides Scooby Doo.

Just curious.

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