Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Value of Life

I've been thinking some more about the murder of Dr. Tiller.

I often try to empathize with the other side of an argument. To try to understand why they would feel that way. But I'm having a hard time in this case.

I understand that they think abortion is murder.

What I don't understand is them thinking that a fetus' life is more important than the humans who are dying and suffering every day.

There are policy makers who send soldiers to war and every day they kill human beings.

These human beings have a sense of self, they have a personality, they have memories, they have friends and family.

A fetus, in my opinion, does not have these things.

I have heard the argument that unborn babies are innocent and that human beings are not. But I don't buy this argument. Are the children who die because of war and starvation and abuse every day not innocent as well?

And since I am familiar with Christianity, I know that they often times view this life as painful and miserable, and just a waiting room of sorts to get to the afterlife.

So I also have trouble understanding why they think it is so bad that a fetus has been deprived of a life if they believe it is going straight to heaven.

Your thoughts are welcome.

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