Friday, June 5, 2009

More Sex, Please

This is an insert from Der Spiegel, which is one of Europe's largest weekly magazines with a circulation of more than one million per week.

It says "More Sex please! The movies have lost their lust."

I thought it was very amusing since you would never hear that in the U.S.

Instead there are people complaining about how much sex there is in the entertainment industry and how we're all going to hell and it's a sure sign of the coming apocalypse, and yada yada.

I have to admit that my childhood in the U.S. has had a big effect on me. While I don't consider myself a prude, I still feel a bit uncomfortable during sex scenes in films, don't feel comfortable with people who wear their sexuality on their sleeves, and I don't enjoy seeing nude women on the back of every newspaper in Germany or on calendars in the supermarket.

I guess my biggest beef is when the nudity is objectifying women or portraying unrealistic beauty. I think this gives both sexes unhealthy ideas about women.

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  1. Absolutely agree. It is a short-coming of many atheists. At least religious folks have some standards they believe. But atheists who capitulate to TV secularism with out reflection give the religions a louder voice. Atheists need to take moral positions and not fear they will sound like the religious. Sometimes a religious person can share more with you than an atheist who is a mindless-consumer (not that anyone can be a mindless consumer). OK, sorry, I have to go take my meds. Smile !


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